Who We Are

Taking Action for Our Community

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our youth through sports, extra-curriculars and education by creating programs to assist children financially in these areas. Our efforts would not be possible without the generosity of our friends and supporters.  We appreciate each and every donation and/or fundraiser purchase we receive.  

Financial Impact

The Mason Foundation exists from the generosity of our outstanding community. 

Learn how you can help give our youth stability through financial contribution: 

 Programs + Events

We are proud to host, sponsor, and work with other organizations to provide events that bring our community closer. 

Find information about programs we are involved in:

Get Involved

As we grow, and develop more programs and events, the need for volunteers will continue to grow. 

Learn about different opportunities to join us in uplifting the community:

Get in touch

The Mason Foundation is pleased to support the youth in our community and look forward to growing our scholarship programs.  We always welcome new ideas.  If you have a suggestion, or know an organization or student in need, please contact us here: