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The Mason Foundation is pleased to support the youth in our community and look forward to growing our scholarship programs.  We always welcome new ideas.  If you have a suggestion, or know an organization or student in need, please Contact Us.

Recent Open Scholarship Winners

Lukas B.

Spring 2023 Scholarship


Lukas enjoys many activities including martial arts, violin, dog training and graphic design! He is also taking early college classes and works at his church to help pay for his interests. Keep reaching for the stars!

Harley S.

Spring 2023 Scholarship


Harley is a catcher for a fast pitch travel softball team and loves every aspect of playing softball! She has been playing since she was 6 and hopes to attend college camps and clinic events next year! We can't wait to see how far she'll go!

Sam C.

Fall 2022 Scholarship

Peyton H.

Spring 2022 Scholarship

Olivia C.

Spring 2022 Scholarship


Sam loves making music with his friends in the marching band! His hard work and dedication are reflected in the achievements he has made! Keep on marching, Sam!


Peyton's enthusiasm is inspiring! He loves hockey and the hard work that goes into it! He enjoys traveling with his hockey friends and meeting new people. We can't wait to see where all his hard work will take him!

Olivia C..jpg

Olivia loves gymnastics because it makes her feel strong - inside and out! She loves the hard work and is proud of the achievements she has made! We are so excited to see how far she will go! 

Kenzia B.

Fall 2018 Scholarship

Kenzia B.jpg

Kenzia is full of energy and loves to be active! She enjoys dance, gymnastics and soccer. We are excited to encourage Kenzia's active lifestyle by keeping her involved in some of her favorite activities. We know we will see great things from her!

Matthew B.

Spring 2018 Scholarship

A pianist since the age of 5, Matthew hopes to take his passion for piano and turn it into a rewarding career by performing and teaching others.  Taking his next step towards this goal, he will pursue a degree in music at Capital University in the Fall. With a strong work ethic and passion for music, we know we will see great things from him! Congratulations on all of your achievements!

We are honored to be a part of your journey.   

Tatianna S.

Spring 2018 Scholarship

Tatianna has had a love for dance since before she could walk.  With hard work and dedication, she has pushed herself to be the best dancer she can be.  Currently taking ballet and tap, she hopes to continue to pursue her dance lessons and incorporate her love for dance into a career.  This summer she will continue her training by attending Summer Dance Intensives. 

We are proud to assist her in pursuing her passion.

Recent Warcats Scholarship Winners

Luke Weisenburger - 2023


Caleb Bussey - 2022


Bryce Wickiser - 2021


Jake DeBella - 2020

B1060118-X3 (2).jpg

Ben Mannino - 2019

Travis Furman - 2018

Evan Ingram - 2017

Nick Orioli - 2016

Nathan Thatcher - 2015

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